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Need a prescription filled? Our handy prescription portal will allow you to order your prescription for collection at any one of our three locations in Dundrum, Beacon Court or Ballyogan.


At Farmers Pharmacies, we understand the significance of your time and well-being. Our streamlined prescription process ensures that you experience minimal hassle while obtaining your prescribed medications.

We proudly extend the facility of prescription orders via our prescription hub, allowing you to place your order in advance and have it prepared for collection upon your arrival.

Order Prescription for collection


Thank you for Ordering Your Prescription

We are here to help. If you would prefer to order your prescription over the phone, ring one of our three locations.


Medical Card

If you have a medical card, you and your dependents will be covered for all approved prescribed drugs, medicines, and applications. To find out more information regarding the medical card scheme, visit the citizen's information or HSE website. Should you have any queries or concerns contact us or come see us in any one of our Pharmacies. We would be delighted to help.

Drug Payment Scheme

The Drugs Payment Scheme covers families and individuals for the cost of their prescribed medication. Under the Drugs Payment Scheme, an eligible individual pays a maximum of €80* a month for approved prescribed drugs, medicines, and certain appliances over the duration of that month.

To find out more information, or to get the most up-to-date information regarding the Irish drug payment scheme, visit the HSE or Citizens Advice website.


*Subject to change by Dept of Health

Pills in apothecary bottle

Long-Term Illness Assistance

Did you know that if you suffer from Long Term Illness you are entitled to all the necessary medicines and other treatments irrespective of your income? For more information, visit the HSE or Citizens Advice website.

✔ Acute Leukaemia

✔  Acute Leukaemia

✔  Cerebral Palsy

✔  Cystic Fibrosis

✔  Diabetes Insipidus

✔  Diabetes Mellitus




Mental Disability

Mental Illness (up to age 16 only)

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy



Spina Bifida

Med 1 Forms and Tax Refunds

Did you know that you can get tax refunds on certain expenditures on medicines & medical equipment? Feel free to call into any of our pharmacies at the end of the tax year. We will provide you with a MED 1 form which is a printout of all the medicines dispensed to you and your family in that year.


Attaining your prescription has never been easier with our prescription ordering service. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Order Prescription online for collection


If you are looking to lose weight, our weight loss nutritionist expert Dundrum Pharmacy will help you start your journey.


We have a wide range of vitamins and supplements at our Beacon Court Pharmacy that will support a healthier and happier lifestyle and our professionals are the experts in fertility.

  • What is Haven Farmers Pharmacy?
    Haven Farmers Pharmacy is a trusted pharmacy brand with three convenient locations in Dundrum and Beacon Court. We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical and healthcare services to cater to the needs of our local communities.
  • What services does Haven Farmers Pharmacy provide?
    We provide a comprehensive array of services including prescription dispensing, over-the-counter medications, health consultations, medication reviews, and more. Our goal is to ensure your well-being and offer expert advice on health matters.
  • How do I get my prescription medicines from Haven Farmers Pharmacy?
    Obtaining your prescription medicines is easy. Use our online prescription portal to arrange collection in any of our three stores, or simply bring your doctor's prescription to any of our three locations in Dundrum and Beacon Court. Our experienced pharmacists will swiftly assist you in getting the medications you need.
  • What sets Haven Farmers Pharmacy apart from other pharmacies?
    At Haven Farmers Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional customer service, expert healthcare advice, and a wide range of services that cater to your well-being. With three convenient locations, we are your community pharmacy of choice.
  • Can I purchase over-the-counter medications at Haven Farmers Pharmacy?
    Yes, we stock a variety of over-the-counter medications to address common health issues including pain relief, cough and cold remedies, and other medications, ointments, creams, and treatments for common ailments. Our pharmacists can guide you in selecting the most suitable options for your needs.
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