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At Farmers Pharmacies staff members are always available to discuss smoking cessation and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Our pharmacy provides many products, both with and without prescription, to help combat that craving. Ask us about Nicotine Replacement Therapy and other options available to suit your needs.

To get you on the right track we’ve outlined 10 tips to help you quit smoking:

Now available at Farmers Pharmacies Stop-Smoking Hypnosis by private appointment in our treatment rooms at Leopardstown, Dundrum and Sandyford pharmacies. For more detail on this smoking-cessation service visit: www.StopSmokingFreedom.ie

1) Decide to quit Write down all the reasons why you want to quit. Place them where they’ll remind you of why you have chosen to quit.

2) Make a date to stop Pick your day to stop smoking and stick to it. Get rid of all lighters, matches, ashtrays and smell of smoke from your house and car. It has shown to be easier to stop altogether than cutting down gradually.


3) Seek support Inform friends and family that you are quitting. Ask them not to offer you any cigarettes or give you any cigarettes if you ask. Text all smokers in your phonebook to inform them that you are quitting.

4) Avoid temptations and triggers Be aware of triggers in advance. You will be less likely to give in if you have prepared for situation in advance. Coffee and alcohol are strong triggers for smoking. Substitute with decaffeinated coffee, water or fruit juice instead.

5) Learn to deal with cravings Cravings can occur frequently during the first few days after quitting. Avoid situations where you might smoke for the ?rst few days after quitting. Cravings intensify over 3-5 minutes but then subside. Do the 4D’s as recommended by the Irish Cancer Society. Delay, Drink (water or juice), Distract, Deep Breathe.

6) Increase exercise It helps to keep you occupied, relaxed and de-stressed. Helps manage weight.

7) Watch your diet Avoid snacking on chocolate bars and biscuits. Use fruit instead. Eat sensibly.

8) Stay positive Withdrawal symptoms, such as a cough, are a good sign and will reduce within a few weeks. If you are struggling remember the reasons why you wanted to quit. Remind yourself of your willpower to quit initially.

9) Reward yourself Each week put away the amount of money you would normally spend on cigarettes. Use this money to buy yourself a treat as a reminder of how well you are doing.

Please drop in for advice and support from our Pharmacist and qualified staff at any time.

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