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Drop into our pharmacy in Dundrum to chat with our in-house nutritionist about how we can help you on your weight loss journey.

Haven Farmers Pharmacy Dundrum

On October 25th, 1969, Tom Farmer unfurled the doors of his pharmacy within Powers supermarket, nestled along Dundrum's Main Street. At the time Dundrum was nothing more than a picturesque village.

In November 1971, the decision was made to move across the street to what was then the “new” shopping centre. A lot has changed since the business began, but Tom’s philosophy of providing a personable and professional service to all patients and customers will always remain at the heart of what we do.

Ready to give up smoking? You are twice as likely to succeed if you seek help. Drop in store to discuss options with our supportive professionals and break the habit today.


If shedding those extra pounds and attaining your ideal weight is on your agenda, our dedicated nutritionist is here to support you every step of the way. With a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and a deep understanding of the intricate workings of the human body, our expert is primed to offer you advice that goes beyond generic suggestions and will support your weight loss journey every step of the way.

At our Dundrum pharmacy, we firmly believe that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. Each individual is unique, and their dietary requirements should reflect that. Our nutritionist will recommend a plan of action that incorporates your current health status, lifestyle, and preferences, optimising them towards a healthier goal, recommending supplements, vitamins and information about healthy eating which will help kick-start your weight loss. Nourishing your body with the right foods not only helps with weight management but also enhances your energy levels, strengthens your immune system, and supports your overall health and well-being. By focusing on sustainable changes and long-term habits, you'll reap the rewards of improved health for years to come.


Are you ready to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you? Pop into our pharmacy in Dundrum, or call us on

Haven Farmers Pharmacy Locations


We have a wide range of vitamins and supplements at our Beacon Court Pharmacy that will support a healthier and happier lifestyle and our professionals are the experts in fertility.


Call into our Ballyogan Road Pharmacy to see our wide range of skincare, hair care and cosmetics products from brands that are specifically formulated to your skin type.

Need a prescription filled in Dundrum? Visit our prescription portal and order your medication online for collection.

Other Services at our Dundrum Pharmacy

Quit Smoking


You are more likely to succeed with our help. We are here to help you. We have a confidential, judgment-free service. Take the leap and give up smoking.

In-Store Health Checks


Weight loss can be difficult if you are not equipped with the right tools and knowledge. Start your weight loss journey today by popping into our in-house nutritionist in our pharmacy in Dundrum.



Order your prescription online for collection with our easy-to-use prescription portal. You can order your prescription to any of our three stores.

  • What is Haven Farmers Pharmacy?
    Haven Farmers Pharmacy is a trusted pharmacy brand with three convenient locations in Dundrum, Beacon Court, and Ballyogan. We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical and healthcare services to cater to the needs of our local communities.
  • What services does Haven Farmers Pharmacy provide?
    We provide a comprehensive array of services including prescription dispensing, over-the-counter medications, health consultations, medication reviews, and more. Our goal is to ensure your well-being and offer expert advice on health matters.
  • How do I get my prescription medicines from Haven Farmers Pharmacy?
    Obtaining your prescription medicines is easy. Use our online prescription portal to arrange collection in any of our three stores, or simply bring your doctor's prescription to any of our three locations in Dundrum, Beacon Court, or Ballyogan. Our experienced pharmacists will swiftly assist you in getting the medications you need.
  • What sets Haven Farmers Pharmacy apart from other pharmacies?
    At Haven Farmers Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional customer service, expert healthcare advice, and a wide range of services that cater to your well-being. With three convenient locations, we are your community pharmacy of choice.
  • Can I purchase over-the-counter medications at Haven Farmers Pharmacy?
    Yes, we stock a variety of over-the-counter medications to address common health issues including pain relief, cough and cold remedies, and other medications, ointments, creams, and treatments for common ailments. Our pharmacists can guide you in selecting the most suitable options for your needs.
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